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Steel Basics

A number of consumers have questions about what is (and what is not) included in the purchase of a steel building. The purchasing of a steel building involves a number of factors that any prudent shopper should be aware of along with what to expect from the steel building company that you are considering buying from.

First, and foremost, there must be some direct form of communication. Most steel building companies have a toll-free number for you to call. Find out if the company ships nationwide or, if applicable, internationally. This will take care of any questions as to destination. Make sure that the steel is 100% commercial grade and preferably of U.S. manufacture.

Steel beam framed buildings are fastened together with bolts and screws. The connections made by this type of assembly are very secure because of minimal movement in the frame. Traditional construction relies on a nailed together template which will become loose due to shrinkage and warping of the wood frame. Steel does not have these problems, so all fittings are secure.

Most companies will offer a painted building for both the walls and trim as the quoted price. There should be a choice of colors along with a warranty on the paint.

A number of consumers want to know if a steel building comes insulated. With such a broad range of "R-values" to choose from this is normally not the case. But at Ohio Steel Construction a project manager will be assigned  to help you with your decision on how much and the quality of the insulation that you select.

Ohio Steel buildings are quoted with doors and windows included. With such a vast array of accessory options available including ridge vents, louvers, and standing seam roofs these options are  handled before building purchase. Your building can be customized and designed to be the right building for your needs.

The length of time for building delivery is also a question posed by many consumers. Delivery time will vary from project to project. There are generally no buildings that are available for immediate shipment. All buildings have to be pre-fabricated to the specific building codes in your location. There is no hard-fast rule, but the quicker you can get your steel building ordered the quicker you can get it delivered. Ohio Steel typically needs at least three to four weeks for even the simplest of projects, especially at the height of the building season.

Local building codes and wind and snow requirements are another important consideration. Each building must be pre-engineered to meet the requirements of local building codes or it will not be allowed to be erected. Engineer Stamped Drawings and Anchor Bolt Plans also need to be part of the building package.

The erection of your steel building can be coordinated through Ohio Steel Construction. We have a wide network of erectors we work with on a regular basis. Aside from that, you can look into local qualified erectors that can do the job for you.