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Frequently asked questions

How does quoting work?
Ohio Steel Construction recognizes today's schedules are more busy than ever.  But we also believe in the personal touch and one on one business.  That's why you can call us anytime to discuss design, engineering and construction pricing for you specific needs.  Call toll free 855-404-2224 today.

What does it cost me to request a quote?
Our quoting service is absolutely free to you.

How is my personal information used?
In order for us to provide you with the price quote you request, you will be asked details about your building requirements as well as contact information including your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Your information is forwarded to our building estimators so they may process your request. We do not share your contact information with 3rd party partners. All contact information is kept strictly confidential.

Can Ohio Steel Construction deliver a building anywhere in the USA?
Yes. Call us toll free at 1-855-404-2224 for area specific information.

What are the buildings made of?
Ohio Steel Buildings, made in American by Americans, are 100% U.S. commercial grade steel.

How secure is the framing?
Steel framed buildings are fastened together with bolts and screws. The connections remain secure because there is so little movement in the frame. Nailed together connections as in traditional construction become loose due to shrinkage and warping of the wooden frame. Steel does not warp, shrink, or change with time so the connections remain secure.

What will it cost to ship the building to me?
Freight cost will vary with the weight of the building and the destination location. To save our customers money on shipping expenses Ohio Steel Construction uses share-loading to ship as many buildings as possible in one full semi truck load.

Are there color options available for my building?
Yes. You can choose from wall colors, trim colors, and colors for the roof, in addition to traditional silver Galvalume.

Are the buildings insulated?
We offer many types of insulation with a range of R-values for you to choose from. Our project mangers can help you determine what insulation type will best suit your steel building needs.

Can I put doors and windows on my steel building?
Yes. Our steel buildings can be customized to incorporate doors, windows, ceiling lights, and more. Your project manager will gladly help you design and customize the right building for you.

How long does it take to get my building delivered to me?
Because we design every building individually for each customer, delivery time varies from project to project. Your project manager can give you a better idea of your delivery time after understanding your requirements.

Will my building meet local building codes and wind and snow load requirements?
Every Ohio Steel Building is engineered to comply with regional building codes, wind load and snow load requirements.

Who will erect my building?
Since Ohio Steel Construction provides easy to follow erection drawings and an erection manual with every building shipped, many of our customers erect their buildings themselves. If you would rather have Ohio Steel Construction erect your building for you, we have many erectors nationwide who have successfully erected our buildings.